To provide innovative development, project and construction management service through a personalised and cost effective approach which will ensures that the client’s objectives are achieved within budget, time and to the required quality.










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Complex projects dictate that the client requirements become a process which requires careful management to identify the needs, review and understand the options, prior to making an informed decision, the outcome of which is clearly understood. This situation is further complicated where operations input is involved, as these requirements need careful management and interpretation to ensure that they are in line with the overall project objectives.


This process needs to be co-ordinated by a manager with knowledge and understanding of the operation, as well as the design and construction aspects of the project.

Proper development management will provide and maintain operating criteria, which is approved by the client and operations, and integrate this into the design and construction brief.



Triviron is the one point of responsibility with regards to the management of projects within the built environment, from conception to completion, including the management of related professional services. Various tools, such as document templates, registers, planning software, modelling software, audit checklists, and review forms will be used by the project manager to ensure the success of projects and achievement of client objectives. In order to achieve this, special focus is applied to the following

Management processes:

  • Co-ordination
  • Scope and Time
  • Cost and Quality
  • Resources
  • Communications
  • Risk
  • Procurement

Our scope also includes management of fast tracked projects. We, however, always point out to clients that fast tracking of projects undoubtedly has “time value of money” benefits on certain projects, but this method of execution is not necessarily cost effective on all projects and should not be adopted without careful consideration. Fast-tracking carries a substantial cost and particularly where the procurement process is uncertain and unreliable, a process of careful pre-planning and manufacture could be far more beneficial. This is particularly relevant to refurbishment projects but also applies to new projects.


On certain smaller projects where the main contractor’s portion of work is relatively small, it is beneficial for the project manager, on behalf of the client, to employ and manage all subcontractors directly. This allows for a saving of cost, more efficient communication, but requires addition of resources to deal with site quality control.


 Integration Management

 Scope Management

 Time Management

 Cost Management

 Quality Management

 Human Resource Management

 Communications Management

 Risk Management

 Procurement Management


The executive Managing Director has previous extensive experience in prestigious commercial, retail, leisure and resorts developments.

The business principal and director has delivered projects for both public and private institutions in the fields of development management, construction project management and contracting for leisure & resorts developments, public infrastructure, commercial developments and residential developments throughout the county as well as internationally. Dedication is towards providing quality management and service to both investors and clients.


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