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Who we are

Triviron Energy is committed to providing clean efficient energy solutions to meet our continent’s developmental and environmental needs. As a leading 100% black-owned provider of solar power installations, sustainability solutions, and energy efficiency products, we believe that sustainable energy sources are the only way forward as it doesn’t compromise the needs of the future by providing for the energy demands of today. By harnessing nature to benefit nature, Triviron Energy provides South African businesses with an alternative energy source that is both efficient and environmentally-friendly. Our turnkey solar power and energy efficiency solutions cover our clients from start to sustainable energy, providing specialist in design, permits, metering, measurement, verification, installations, operations and maintenance. We offer services in:

  • • Solar PV system (E.P.C.);
  • • Energy monitoring/measurement;
  • • Energy efficient design;
  • • Operations, maintenance design, and contracting;
  • • Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s), leasing, and alternative funding models.

  • Smart sustainability
  • Our vision
  • Empowerment

Smart sustainability

With hands-on experience, a heart for the environment, and the capacity and knowledge to supply South African businesses with energy efficient solutions, Triviron Energy is the supplier of choice for companies that want to create a better future by contributing to the economy in a sustainable way. Solar power-driven businesses aren’t just sustainable – they are also smart. Apart from the environmentally-friendly benefits, solar power solutions also achieve long-term savings.

We call this ‘sustainability-led innovation’.


Our vision

It is Triviron Energy’s vision to contribute to a habitable planet for the next generation by leaving a legacy of sustainability. We believe this can be achieved by providing creative solutions for Sub-Saharan Africa’s energy needs and ensuring that not one person on our continent is crippled by the lack of access to energy. Over and above these objectives, we aim to educate both the public and businesses about the benefits of affordable solar energy and electricity.

We also believe it is Triviron Energy’s duty to transfer the skills and insights we have internally, externally. Our vision for skill transfer in the renewable energy industry is to raise the people of Africa by equipping them to transform this continent in a sustainable way.

This is why the installation of every solar power system is bettering our planet and our people.



We aren’t just passionate about solar power; we’re also committed to empowerment.

As part of our empowerment ethos, we encourage Triviron Energy’s team members to be part of the project from the onset - to understand why design decisions were taken, how processes work, and how to adhere to the high standards our clients have come to expect.

Looking to partner for your next project?

Aligning our goals and objectives with a client-centric vision. Our team is dedicated to consistently serving clients, customers and vendors with superior levels of technology, experience, knowledge, creativity and ethical practices.



Triviron House ,Whitby Manor Office Estate , 167 14th Road,
Noord Wyk, Midrand, 1687
TEL: +27 (11) 318 8393 FAX: +27 86 403 3156 EMAIL: pmadmin@triviron.co.za SITE: www.triviron.co.za
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